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When can I start to exercise again after my pregnancy?

As a pre and post exercise specialist I always ADVISE the following guidelines:

  • 6 weeks post birth (if you can had a natural birth)

  • 12 weeks post birth ( if you have had a C section or assisted birth 3rd degree tear or more)

Each and every woman’s recovery is different and it will solely depend on how you feel however it is vital you give yourself at least 6 weeks for your body to recover following birth no matter how fit you were pre pregnancy, I always tell clients who want to get back to exercising asap this maybe the only time you can have 6 weeks or more off exercise so enjoy it!

I always recommend that you begin with simple pelvic floor exercises a couple days after your birth. These are safest and most effective exercises to begin to get your core and pelvic floor functioning again. Following this why not try a walk with your new baby and new buggy, this will help get your muscles reworking and it will also do wonders for your mind as well as your body.

I also recommend any new mum to make a appointment with a women’s health physio or health specialist and have a through assessment of your pelvic floor & core, this will rule out or diagnose any problems and this will be highly beneficial to you or your trainer when returning to your normal exercise regime.

Join a mum and baby fitness class or train with a pre and postnatal exercise specialist who can prescribe you a safe and effective programme, that expertise and guidance can be invaluable to your recovery and motivate you to reach your goals in the long term.

 (Always consult your midwife or GP before returning to exercise post birth)


So why should I exercise following my pregnancy?

• To regain confidence and release them must needed endorphins

•It strengthens your core following birth

•Helps regain your fitness

•Reduces maternal weight gain

•Better self-image

•Gives you body awareness

•Improved posture

•Increased energy & stamina

Things you need to consider:

During pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes which require to adapt back following birth here are a few things that require to be considered post birth when exercising.

  • Your body will still be producing a hormone called relaxin which causes your joints and muscles to relax to prepare for birth. Be mindful when exercising to not push yourself to excess the first couple of months post birth as this could result in injury. Be mindful of your range when stretching any muscle group.

  • Beware your core may not be as strong as it used to be so it’s best to avoid crunches or sit ups for the first 12 weeks, this is to allow any muscles that have been separated to repair themselves. If you do feel that you have spilt tummy muscles or a gap down the centre of your stomach, consult your GP or a women’s post-natal exercise specialist or physiotherapist for a full assessment.

  • If you do feel you have any issues or concerns regarding your pelvic floor refrain from any high impact exercises until you have consulted your GP as stress incontinence or prolapse is very common following child birth. Pelvic floor exercises are the key to a stronger recovery.

  • Listen to your body, if you feel unwell or become dizzy whilst exercising take a break immediately and rehydrate.

  • Remember every body is different so please consult your GP/Midwife or exercise specialist if you have any worries about exercise following pregnancy.